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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 4, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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thanks to all of how voted that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta is next. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. election results are pouring into fox news in the first major battles of the 2010 midterms. polls closed a short time ago in the house and senate primaries in indiana, ohio and north carolina. what happened? fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in indianapolis. >> reporter: here in indiana, republican former senator dan coats has won the gop nomination to pursue yet another term in the u.s. senate. since he was last there, more than 10 years ago he spent time as ambassador to germany for the bush administration, lobbyist in d.c. that's one of the criticisms. the idea that the new republican nominee for the seat left vacant by evan bayh who is retiring will be sought after by a republican who
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could be tagged as a establishment insider. opponent ellsworth former sheriff from indiana, has cast himself for years as a moderate even conservative, socially and fiscally conservative democrat. he chose to support the democrat health care law in congress. there are many who think that undercut his credibility as a fiscal conservative. and even a social conservative insofar as when he expressed his support for the bill, the agreement on protecting taxpayer funds from being used for abortion hadn't been worked out administration. looking forward, dan coats republican nominee against ellsworth nominated in a week and a half. the odds say this seat currently held by a democrat could flip to republican with coats in the fall, greta. >> greta: thank you. we are learning new information about the arrest of faisal shahzad. the suspect in the attempted
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times square car bowling. yesterday, about 12:30 p.m., shahzad is put on a no-fly list. sometime later he books a flight out of jfk airport, destination, pakistan. airline? emirates. despite being placed on the no-fly list hours before the information not yet processed by the airlines he assist tell shahzad is allowed to bore the plane. fortunately customs and border protection discovered he's on the plane. before the plane takes off shahzad is arrested. the plane is cleared to leave before it takes off the tower gives the pilot an urgent message. >> i have a message for to you go back to the gate immediately. make the left turn when able. make the left turn on to echo back to the ramp.
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i don't know why you can call your company for the reason. >> i'll do that back to the gate. >> whatever is convenient. >> greta: the plane returns to the gate and two more persons of interest are taken off that plane. those two people are later released. which brings us to today when shahzad is charged. joining us devlin barrett. welcome. good nab by the feds, i guess. >> they got him with minutes to spare. what the officials will tell you is that even if that plane had taken off they could have ordered return. >> greta: which would have been most unfortunate if he took someone, kidnapped or threatened someone within that plane. we don't want to get to that position we want to get him on the ground. >> you want to take him into custody on u.s. soil. he's had an initial court appearance a host of charges have been filed including
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attempted use of weapons of mass destruction which is the makeshift car bomb found in times square. >> greta: the think we worry about is whether he is working with anybody here in the united states. any indication he's working with anybody here now in the united states? >> what sores say is they have not found any end -- what sources say is they have not found any indication that someone here in the u.s. is working with him on that to be fair there is a lot of investigating left to do. they are 50 something hours and counting into this from the initial incident to the arrest. they have a lot more investigating to do. >> greta: is he talking? >> he's talking quite a bit according to officials. he spoke for a while before being given miranda rights. even after he was given miranda rights he continued to tell them what he been up to. >> greta: which is interesting this discussion about miranda rights if you violate someone's miranda rights anything the person says after
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can't be used against him. we don't need to prosecute him that -- we've got the suv, fingerprints, car keys, long trail. as a practical matter with all the discussion about miranda it is not that serious an issue. there's enough to get him, probably. >> exactly. with what the prosecutors will tell you they have a raft of evidence. the initial court document there's a lot of evidence pointing to him. one piece in the car he left running in times , keys to his house. that's not that's not light evidence, pretty heavy evidence. in addition to the other things we've heard, so definitely the miranda issue on its surface, you don't need that if that becomes an issue to make your case. >> greta: how did they get his name? >> the key piece of evidence is in a sense the car didn't explode. that the car existed unharmed and they were quickly able to take the identification number off the car off the engine
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block. that traced back to a college student in connecticut who authorities say had sold the car recently to mr. shahzad. >> greta: and knew who he was. i it was a cash transaction but he knew who' was? >> she didn't recall him specifically, his name, but more importantly for the investigators, he sent her an e-mail inquiring about the car because she posted the car online. theyqjá used that e-mail to trak back to mr. shahzad's phone number from that point, they knew who they were looking for. >> greta: when did they first put him under surveillance? >> they were concerned -- they were interested in him among a group of people midday sunday, roughly speaking according to sources. by monday, they had really centered it on him as the most important person they were interested in. >> greta: had they found him? when did they first know where he was? >> they had eyes on him 3 p.m. monday as entered his home this is according to law
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enforcement sources. >> greta: they followed him out to jfk? >> no. >> greta: no! >> they lost eyeballs on him for a portion of that day. >> greta: horrible. they got him and then lose him. we got lucky then if we found him again. >> there's a lot of moving parts in these investigations. it is not just him they are watching. they are looking at a raft of people. >> greta: i assume they assign people to keep him under surveillance if he slipped through and to the airport, and he wasn't even on a no-fly -- he didn't get nabbed for being on a no-fly zone but because the airline was suspicious. >> he's put on the list monday. the problem with that list, it is not like that's an instant blast to every airline in the pworl. >> greta: which is bad. he could have gotten out of the country. >> right. but they have a back stop this is something they sped up
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after the christmas day incident. they've sped up the process where a person guess over the flight manifest and says, look at that name, i know that name's a problem we have to move. they ran to get this plane. >> greta: good they got him. devlin, thank you. shahzad was born in pakistan a year ago became a nationalized american citizen. he lives in connecticut. griff jenkins takes you to his house in con >> reporter: his name faisal shahzad is on the mailbox. the 30-year-old naturalized citizen from pakistan lives here at 202 sheraton street in bridgeport, connecticut. this small street is being over tan by satellite trucks as reporters are trying to do the story and cover what was the scene of surprise and shock for residents who were evacuated as fbi, local authorities, bomb squad, came, searched, they covered the back carport area with a tarp they were looking for things.
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residents told me they were mostly pulling out large bags filled with various stuff. one said possibly fireworks in one. interestingly most folks either never seen the guy or said he was quiet. >> always quiet. there's no lights. nobody puts lights on. i always sigh they are coming and going. >> reporter: mr. mayor, what do you know about this? >> we pretty much know what you folks are reporting. the fbi has been keeping our police department very well informed. it was a great effort between local police and fbi. we have the safe streets program from the federal government that allows three officers to work directly with the fbi all the time. they didn't have to come into the situation cold. >> reporter: will there be follow-up here in bridge port? >> i spoke to homeland security exec father napolitano's office today and she told me this is an ongoing investigation locally,
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domestically and internationally. there's no knowing where this is going to go. >> greta: get what else do we know about faisal shahzad? joining us is staff writer for the connecticut post. john, about a year ago he became a naturalized american. what can you tell me about what he was doing in connecticut? why was he there? >> i really don't know what he was doing in school. i can tell you while he was living in shelton he was -- have a will having relationship with his family. one of our reporters uncovered a number of letters and papers and whatnot in the backyard of this house in shelton indicating that he a very close relationship with his family. they were writing him love letters and greeting cards and birthday cards and whatnot. it is strange this man was filled with so much hate and rage and yet had this kind of
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relationship with those he knew. >> greta: where does the family live in the united states or in pakistan? do you know what for instance his father does for a living or anything about his family? >> yeah, i really can't tell you that. i do know, we do seem to think his family is -- his wife and children are back in pakistan. that's the word we have. although we can't confirm that of course. >> greta: employment? did he have a job? >> as far as we though he did not have a job, recently. he was working as a temporary worker, i believe in stanford, i'm not sure about that but, as far as we know in the last few months he was not working. >> greta: what was his means of support? it is not cheap to fly back and forth from pakistan to the
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united states. if his family is there, why would he come back here? how was he supporting himself? these are all unanswered questions. >> right, as you were pointing out earlier, it does seem obvious that he was getting support from pakistan or, you know somebody overseas. especially in these last few months certainly. >> greta: in looking at the house in the videotape it seems like in the area it seems like it is not an inexpensive existence. someone had to support him. >> well, this is not a one of your more costly neighborhoods. this is in the central city of bridgeport working-class neighborhood. it is really an i will deal place for somebody like him to set up shop. because we have a situation here where people on the street they tend to move in and out of these homes.
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they don't stay for terribly long. i talked to 20 or so neighbors today. just but all of them said i moved here two years ago. i moved here five years ago or so. i moved here a few months ago. this is a perfect place for somebody like our suspect to hide in plain sight. >> greta: john, thank you. next, just what we all feared the international connection, and it is pakistan that is where the terror you suspect says he bomb training. is pakistan helping us? should we expect more trouble here in the united states if so, when? we'll take?k you pakistan, next. ambassador bolton goes on the record. terrorism breaking news has ever talking about national security, including republican congressman eric cantor. what does the powerful republican house whip call president obama's foreign policy? why does he call it naive? he will tell you himself
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>> greta: were did the time square terror suspect say he trained to make a bomb? pakistan many pakistani authorities made rests. joining us live in islamabad, good evening or good morning to you. tell me, tell when this arrest of the people in pakistan, who are they? >> greta, pakistani security agency last we heard rounded out at least 10 suspects now custody for questioning in connection with the times square bomb ago tempt. reports suggest that some were arrested from a city in eastern pakistan. now authorities were not saying hot potential suspects were. but now we have word that one of them is a close relative, most likely a brother or a father-in-law.
10:17 pm
intelligence officials earlier confirmed to fox news a man was arrested in karachi for his close connection to faisal shahzad. he's believed to be a friend, he traveled with shahzad to the city last year sometime in july to the northwest of the country to hold meetings with a militant group, according to the source. he surely didn't act alone, shahzad. even if he says so, admitting that he received bomb making training itself says there was a militant group supporting him. were told from credible sources that shahzad meeting up with his friends and another man that had been arrested in karachi they've been spilling the beans out. they are talking. we are going to get more further information as time goes along, probably, it is morning time in islamabad, and hopefully, more information is
10:18 pm
going to be coming out on this great get two quick questions. is -- >> greta: two quick questions. is anyone taking questions for him in pakistan? the second one is what is the reaction on the street in pakistan to this news here in the united states? >> reporter: nobody has taken any credit. no militant group has come out. but, there is the pakistani taliban which did take credit, but that has been sidelined, you because the man who has been taking credit is mehsud, believed to be killed in february's drone attack. this video has not been authenticated and he is not taking faisal shahzad's name as he did previously when there was a in afghanistan, suicide bomber who killed cia agent in afghanistan. but in this there's no authenticity of that
10:19 pm
previously, we've seen mehsud the previous head of the pakistani taliban taking claims of attacks in virginia, but new is not something that is very new for us. secondly, there has been no reaction from the pakistanis on ground. but yes, the intelligence agencies are per ed with -- perturbed with this information. they've been keeping an eye on movement of any sort and they are worried about this how some guy coming down, getting training, going back to do an an attempt like this in new york. >> greta: thank you. okay well let's face it, this is bad and it does lead to pakistan. how do we solve the problem of terrorists trained in pakistan? they are coming here, at least this man did. ambassador john bolton is next. plus, who knew bankruptcy was such a great way to make cash. we have news about the collapse of lehman brothers
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>> greta: what are we gonna do about pakistan? sometimes square terror suspect said he went to a training camp in pakistan. is there anything we could do, should do? joining us ambassador bolton. good evening. the fact that the pakistanis have detained some is that a sign they are onboard helping or is this a ploy, just an act what is your thought? >> i think there are elements in the pakistani government that want to help us. there are also elements particularly in the intelligence services that have been assisting taliban in afghanistan and perhaps even in their own country for sometime. so it could be we are going to
10:24 pm
get some help but not necessarily to the bottom of this. >> greta: the last guest said the street was essentially quiet about this. that surprised me. when we were in pakistan i was stunned at how much pakistanis at that time were extremely hostile to americans. i'm surprised that this is quiet. >> maybe it hasn't got much attention yet. i think there's some reporting of pakistanis saying this is another excuse for more american military involvement in pakistan. more american attacks. i think we need to be aggressive in our diplomacy on this to explain why we are seeking law enforcement cooperation in pakistan. and this explains why there's a threat to the pakistani government from islamic extremists in their own country. >> greta: they were hostile to the united states it united states had just given them several billion dollars -- >> that usually makes people hostile. >> greta: i felt like -- they were mad because we wanted to know how they were going to spend the money.
10:25 pm
the indian government didn't want them to spend it on items to bomb india. that's another story. in terms of this man, is this something that you expected? this whole sort of going back to pakistan, training and coming here. >> it is not surprising. we've known for sometime that the a can leadership is likely in the what desire stan area where of
10:26 pm
bizarre element. why did he bother? >> i would worry about whether there's more like that on your citizenship application you're supposed to indicate that you have renounced all other loyalties. that you're not a member of a terrorist group. i wonder if people have gotten the idea if they acquire american citizenship they might fly under the radar more easily. >> greta: so many people are trying to get american citizenship i thought it was harder. he came here, went to school got two degrees in connecticut. it seems that he became a sit doesn't, i guess the regular path. but it doesn't seem like it was a huge obstacle. >> it is interesting that he engages in this act of terrorism within one year of getting citizenship this is not somebody who has been here 20 years and been radicalized if he didn't comrade calized with the objective of getting citizenship to help facilitate a terrorist act.
10:27 pm
>> greta: unless he went back and something happened in that five months that made him come on a mission. >> that he went back to a training camp, it is possible. somebody with an american passport is not going receive as much scrutiny as somebody from a passport from a terror sponsoring straight or problemmatic region, no doubt about that >> greta: from an american standpoint can we trust pakistan nor now than two years ago? >> i think it is very difficult. i don't think we have any choice. it is critical from our security perspective that pakistan not be taken over by islamic radicals. one of the mistakes the obama administration is making by not wanting to automatic about the war on terror because they are afraid it will offend muslims. muslims know better than anybody else the threat extremists cause. for all the reasons you mentioned the hostility, it is difficult to work with pakistan. i think we have to get our teeth and keep doing it.
10:28 pm
we cannot allow, al-qaeda, taliban or any other terrorists to have a safe haven there or in afghanistan. >> greta: thank you sir. house republican whip eric cantor slams president obama over national security it. the word naive is used. he's next. declaring bankruptcy is a great way to make money. a report about lehman brothers that will send you through the ceiling. when you want a bank that travels with you. with you when you're ready for the next move. [ male announcer ] now that wells fargo and wachovia have come together, what's in it for you? unprecedented strength, the stabilitof the leading community bank in the nation and with 1,000 atms and thousands of branches, we're with you in more ways and places than ever before. with you when you want the most from your bank. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. with you when you want the most my name is chef michael. and when i come home from my restaurant,
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>> greta: the breaks news about the failed terror attack has us asking is our nation getting stronger or weaker? a few hours ago house minority whip eric cantor gave a speech and he's pulling to you punches. he calls. >> 's foreign policy naive. why? congressman cantor on the record. -- nice to see you. >> good to be with.
10:32 pm
>> greta: i read your speech you gave this morning. reading is different than hearing it be delivered. what i took away from it is thank you are saying the obama administration is weak on national security and making us weak, wrong or right? >> i'm concerned about the direction of our national security strategy. and the point of my speech was really that american success in important policy and our strength comes from the notion we promote peace through strength. and secondly, that we stand by our allies. and we treat friends as friends and enemies as enemies. if we get the latter confused we'll have less friends. >> greta: i take it you wouldn't is given the speech if you thought we were standing by our allies and if we did have peace through strength. i don't have the sense you would have spontaneously give the speech, but something provoked it. >> there's clearly a question if you look at the level of defense spending the core function of the pentagon and
10:33 pm
the decent of that in terms of percentage of gdp. if you look at the commitment this administration has or lack thereof for missile defense systems which i think is the ultimate deterrent for forces of evil going against what we stand for. i'm concerned about this administration's penchant for going out to the world and apologizing for america. we've done nothing wrong. we should stand by our allies in the defense of freedom. >> greta: you talk about apology and mentioned the speech in cairo which we were there. how do you see that as the apology speech? what was it about it to you? >> what the president said in that speech was that he hoped to return to the days when we had a partnership with the muslim world. that america 20, 30 years ago enjoyed some type of good relationship that now has gone awry. i don't see it that way. i don't see that somehow we
10:34 pm
need apologize for anything that america has done. are we a perfect nation? by no means. are we better than anyone else because of the exceptional nature of who we are? yes. we don't seek ter -- territory. we don't go out seeking to conquer people women are about freedom, human progress, human rights. that's what america has given to the world. i don't understand how this administration can apologize for that can treat our allies to pick bogus fights with countries like israel. when we know that country stands with us. >> greta: it is interesting you give the speech today we are in the midst of this terrorism investigation. it appears and i realize it is an ongoing investigation, but pakistan is being cooperative and making some arrests. is that a sign that at least some of president's policies are working? that at least we are engaging a country that while an ally of ours doesn't always like us? >> there's no question that we
10:35 pm
all owe a debt of gratitude to law enforcement officials, the administration, civilians that were involve ofed surrounding this failed ter -- involved surrounding this failed terrorist attack in times square. it is a difficult job that our law enforcement, public safety officials have. terrorists can get it right one time. we've got to get it right 100% of the time. that's the equation. that's why we really need to have the vigilance that i talked about earlier today. somehow it seems that the white house, others perhaps in this town, can focus on terrorism and the threat as long as perhaps you and your colleagues in the media want to cover it. then return to some type of other priority. obviously, we have a lot of priorities. but first and foremost should be our national security, as well as then allow this country to return to its economic leadership that we're having so much difficulty
10:36 pm
with. >> greta: a topic that everyone dances around, political correctness. you mentioned it today. you say we can't be politically correct. how do you see the administration being politically correct? where is that a danger? >> the administration the president himself has -- they've indicated we den want to use the words terrorism, a war on terror we don't want to use the words radical is lap. let's face it, the united states -- islam. let's face it, the united states and are in an ideological struggle again the spread of radical islam. terrorists operate with the support of countries that believe in a radical ideology that is -- that's the way it is. i believe somehow the political correctness can take over which we have seen in the words of this administration that somehow will causes to miss the point. which is to try and do
10:37 pm
everything we can to keep americans safe. >> greta: we sure got lucky on christmas day and saturday night in times square which is a relief to all of us. but serves as a wake-up call that we need to be very vigilant. >> no question. there were a lot of critics who said that perhaps the federal government didn't do its job in connecting the dots prior to 9/11. i'm fearful we are doing the same, breathing the same mistakes now that's why the call for renewed vigilance and focus the fact that we do have a very real threat out there with these terrorist organizations and their state sponsors. >> greta: are we getting stronger or weaker? >> i'm worried obviously i wouldn't have given the speech today that i gave if i were not concern add that the current trend line would indicate we would get weaker. that's why it is imperative we reinstill our commitment to make sure we are strong. we have to demonstrate that to
10:38 pm
through our policies in missile defense, through the renewed commitment of core defense operations in the pentagon. we have to make sure intelligence officials and law enforcement have the tools they need. and we need to set political correctness aside in the pursuit of that end. >> greta: what do you think president obama would sigh if you told him that? if he were standing here, would he say you were flat out wrong? >> i think knowing the president in a limited way as i do i think he would say we all want peace. eric, the way that the prior administration conducted itself didn't work so we're gonna try another way. that seems to be a response that echoes not only in this arena, but certainly in the domestic arena as the policies this administration is pushing somehow are deemed correct, accurate or valid because they are different than what the prior administration's were. it is just not that black and
10:39 pm
white. there were certainly a lot of good that was done, our nation did not incur a terrorist attack while the bush administration was in office post 9/11. we should learn from some of those experiences and remember the lessons that we were taught. >> greta: congressman thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: at this hour authorities are working to find the person who sent an envelope white powder to the office of arizona governor jan brewer. the governor is under fire over arizona's illegal immigration law. today an envelope suspicious white powder addressed to the governor was found in the arizona state capital mail room. the building was shutdown for an hour no one as loud to enter or leave while haz-mat crews swarmed the building. the white substance is being tested stay with fox news for the latest. here's what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. bill: is the obama administration handling this terror bombing suspect
10:40 pm
properly? charles krauthammer is going to solve the entire immigration mess tonight on the factor. >> greta: don't miss bill 11 p.m. eastern. we are live until the top of the hour. next, if you hate lawyers, you want to see this next report. if you don't hate lawyers, you might, after you see this next report. an idiot fan runs on to the feel at a baseball game. and then something we have never, ever seen, caught on tape, we'll show you. [ male announcer ] this is nine generations of the world's most revered luxury sedan. ♪ this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars. this is the world record for longevity and endurance... and one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the planet. this is the 9th generation e-class. this is mercedes-benz. ♪
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>> greta: there's much more ahead but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: a race against time as crews struggle to control that massive oil slick in the gulf of mexico. tonight thin sheens of oil washed ashore on a few small islands. calmer weather allowing crews to you lay more contaminant equipment. they hope to burn off some oil before it reaches the currents which might sweep it towards florida. that well still bushing 200,000 gallons of crude everyday. crews in nashville fear more bodies might be found as flood waters begin to recede. officials say record flooding over the weekend is responsible for 29 deaths across mississippi, kentucky and tennessee. the governor of tennessee declaring 52 counties disaster areas. flood waters washing away hundreds of homes, schools and buildings. i'm ainsley earhardt. we return to on the record
10:45 pm
with greta van susteren. thanks for watching the fox news channel, have a good night. >> greta: question get ready to get unglued. do you have you any idea how much lawyers have billed to handle the lehman brothers bankruptcy? 500 million way off. 700 million dollars might be close. the numbers are just beginning to pile up. "the new york times" just did an investigation and what they have exposed is staggering. joining us live is "new york times" reporter nelson schwartz. i'm so slighted to see the lid being blown off this tell us, the lehman bankruptcy, what the bills that are the accountants and lawyers have run up? >> it has already hit more than 700 million dollars. it is on is way to a billion. what was incredible is that the case has turned into a normal bankruptcy and the bills are still going through the roof. not just the lawyers it is the
10:46 pm
restructuring experts who come in and consult, they are billing hundreds of millions as well. >> greta: it is stunning. some of these things, billing for $2.54 for a stick of gum i read in the article, unbelievable. leaving a message, $48. limousine $2,100 for one partner for one month. photocopyties, $263. does anyone have a guilty conscience on this? >> not that i talked to. several didn't want to talk at all the ones that did say they are providing the best representation and good representation doesn't come cheap. were stunned at how almost defiant the lawyers and restructuring types were. when i discovered that $48 message, i thought wow. is must have you been quite a message. >> greta: you say representation doesn't come cheap. you got a bankruptcy judge. i don't where this judge came,
10:47 pm
might have come from a big firm mental who appoints a trustee to handle the bankruptcy. the trustee hire hires the lawyers which belongings to this collapsed corporation and you don't have bidding. any bidding the lawyers and accountants or restructuring? or is it just paid? >> it is just paid. the u.s. trustees office tries its best. they are understaffed, overworked there are huge bankrupt sees out there, not just lehman, general motors, chrysler. the list goes on and on. there's really no one minding the store. the judges tend to know the lawyers well, probably worked along side them at the same firms. it is a pretty small from turny. >> greta: what people -- small from turny. >> greta: what people don't foe the fees had that are paid the bankruptcy judge signs off on it if they want to charge a
10:48 pm
dollar a page to copy instead of 10 cents, if the judge signs off on that, that's what gets paid. >> that's whraoeufplt is interesting is there is a fee examiner, ken feinberg the pay czar he's cracking down, -- so i think we are going to have a good old fashioned legal fight on our hands. he's definitely not one to back off. you've got powerful lawyers who are used to getting paid and taking first class or business class and taking car rides home for more than $2,000 a month. >> greta: that's the problem. the whole sort of culture. these lawyers have no idea that the rest of the country is appalled. that according to our calculation if you owed $10,000 by lehman brothers you are getting $1,400 while they are billing, what are the hourly rates? >> the top ones are billing more than $1,000 an hour. what really surprised me was that some first year and
10:49 pm
second year associates are charging $500 to $600 an hour which is also off the charts. >> greta: there's no competitive bidding for the lawyers to get these jobs that bankruptcy judge, i hope you stay on this loud on this case. that bankruptcy judge is going to sign off on this may have some explaining to do at the end, who knows. any way, nelson, thank you. obviously, this is one of my more interesting stories about lawyers. one i've wanted someone to blow the lid off, thanks for blowing the lid off of this one, thank you. next, the best of the rest. a moron runs on the field at a baseball game and then things get really crazy. we might have found the most expensive coffee ever. you might need a loan to try this coffee. [ engine revving ]
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. >> greta: here's the best of the rest. talking about the ipad even news corp ceo rupert murdoch
10:54 pm
was asked about the hot new device. >> do you think device the. pad is going to be for newspapers the principled word the saviour? >> yeah, i think digital print, there's never been just demand for journalism as there is today. nor mass consumption. look at fox news our its competitors. people are consuming and needing news all the time. we don't care in the least whether it goes out on a piece of paper or a digital platform. there will be many competitors to the ipad. >> greta: every once in a while someone runs on to the field. last night at a phillies game something happened we have never seen before in the 8th inning of a game, i 17-year-old ran on the field and gave security a run for
10:55 pm
its money. the teen was tasered by the police officer. police are investigating whether it was necessary to taser the fan. finally, we know trendy coffee is expensive, but this is flat out ridiculous. new york coffee chain called cafe grumpy is selling a new coffee. cost, $12 a cup. made from ethiopian coffee beans the brew offers hints of apricot, pineapple and ki with wi and is clean, sweet -- and kiwi and is clean, sweet and complex. there you have the best of the rest. still ahead, could a taxpayer bail out, that means you, pay for the oil spill? stay right here. ic aria )
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11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time. last call? jimmy fal onand the oil spill. >> the gulf coast yesterday, mr. obama says bp is responsible for the leak and will be paying the bill. bp was like, uh, duh? >> and we hadn't heard that one. but that is your last call. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. make sure to follow us on slash greta wire right now. i just posted a poll on greta, the bl


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